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Random coredumps

Way back, as I was digging through my old archives, I stumbled on my old programs! Yikes! Well, I am no Carmack, and trying to make money out of any of these would be a joke, so I'm going to put it up here so that anyone who wants to use it can do it, with much regards and affection from me.

In true hacker spirit (which I wouldn't claim as my own), these are fully open-source and have only some rights reserved. Go ahead and feel free to use it in whatever way that catches your fancy. All I ask is to oblige to terms of the license--which is a Creative Commons license. Heck, I'm not much of a stickler for that either.

I'd also like to hear if it sucks, rocks or does something particularly rocket-scienc-ey (which is unlikely).

These were written ages ago and I can't for the life of me figure out where most of my old code base is among the countless backup discs I have, but these are the ones that look to be in working order - unfortunately these are some of my older creations which don't exactly embody production quality code.

Since I've long since forgotten what the "L" in HTML stands for (Luck?), I'm using the following link to keep this updated, so click away: Programming odds and ends. Much love and peace to thee.